There are many reasons to create your own blend. It could be as simple as combining unique flavours together or as complex as creating a blend with healing agents in a medicinal mixture and anything in between.

Regardless, the process is seamless. Our aim is to make the curating process an enjoyable, personal experience.

Flavourful blends

  1. Provide a list of ingredients you're interested in and flavours you like and dislike (including allergies)
  2. Describe in 5 words what you're looking for (i.e. something tropical, something soothing, something vibrant, herbal etc)
  3. Come in and sample a few options curated
  4. Choose which one best suits your desire.
  5. Name it, then enjoy!

Tea Apothecary (medicinal blends)

  1. Provide details about the purpose of the blend and any restrictions
  2. Describe in 5 words, taste preferences
  3. Allow time for research and acquiring of appropriate herbs
  4. Get better, enjoy!


Custom blends are a completely unique and original gift idea! It is such a thoughtful and meaningful gesture to give someone a blend that describes how you feel about them and how you see them through your eyes.

gift blends

  1. Tell us about your person. Describe their personality in detail, tell us significant stories, help us get to know them through you.
  2. Describe their likes and dislikes (including allergies)
  3. Tell us the purpose of the blend.
  4. Name it, then gift it (with a few tissues for when they shed a tear or two)


Name *
Date blend is needed, if necessary