November 16 seemed like a frightening day as the it steadily approached our calendar. But we did it! 

We slaved through countless sleepless nights as we prepped our blends and perfected our flavours for opening day of this fantastic market venture. 

We woke up early that Saturday and loaded the car with all of our freshly sealed product and with our hot cups of tea in tow, we headed just down the street from where we both live, to Vendor Queens at 1093 Queen St W. 

Having never set up a booth before, Bella and I just seemed to fall into step and we let our creativity flow and what we came up with was beautiful. Our space felt right, our tea was brewing and we were ready to share our creations with anyone who was willing to give us a bit of their time. 

We handed countless cups of tea to eager chilly hands and revelled in the smiles on people's faces as they took their first sips. What a great moment it was for us as tea enthusiasts, to share our passion with others, who understood our vision once our steamy concoctions hit their palates. 

We are so very grateful to everyone who stopped by, who tried a sample, who bought a package of tea, who simply said. "Mmm, this is so good!" It was the validation that we needed, to jumpstart this business into full gear. 

Thanks from the bottom of these MAD girls' hearts
-Shannon & Bella