To say it's been a crazy couple of months is a bit of an understatement.

A lot has happened since well, my last post. Our plans to move the store to a new location got trumped by the universe, so after a few months of closure (in anticipation for the move and other various life moments) we reopened our doors at our CURRENT location. A bit confusing, I know. A midst all of that, we welcomed another guest at our tea party of 3. So let me reintroduce all of the players at our table.

There's me, Shannon, sometimes referred to as Shae, your faithful Mad Hatter, creator of crazy, flavourful tea blends, tea sommelier and shop owner.

Then there's Jonny...the March Hare. My crazy sidekick. He has a lot to say, most of it is repeating what I've said but claiming it as his own.

Then there's Charlize, the #LilHatter... but really, she's blossomed into her own and I'd say has become #LilAlice and this venture is her Wonderland. She's the reason this crazy journey began.

And now we have #TheSleepyDormouse, Odin! He joined the party 6 weeks early, clearly marking his own very important date! Which just happens to be at the start of the New Year; January 3, 2016. And now our table is complete and we're very happy to share this adventure with him, it seems like now it really can begin. And I'm very happy to sip this version of Wonderland with these fine folk that I call my family.

T H E   M A D   H A T T E R   F A M I L Y

T H E   M A D   H A T T E R   F A M I L Y