Just as the seasons change, Spring, bringing new growth and renewal, a season of change has come to The Hatter.

When MHTeaC was first established in 2012, the idea was to create wonderfully delicious medicinal blends. As many of you know, I started this venture after I had Charlize and she suffered greatly from acid reflux. The tea had no name at the time, but it's what we now call Choo Got Wind. And as Choo Choo (Charlize) grew so did that line of teas.

When my business partner (at the time) and I were invited to feature our product an be one of the faces of the pop up market Vendor Queens, we were strictly a retail business. I made an executive decision as the blender and curator of the teas to create a more generic line of teas that still had great beneficial properties but were not strictly medicinal (The Wonderland teas.)

When I eventually found our brick-and-mortar and set up at 116 Bronte Rd the idea was to continue as a boutique tea shop, carrying an array of tea products, teaware and of course, fabulous tea! But the people spoke and I listened. A cafe was what was wanted. And I loved every minute of it. Serving lunch, making salads, soups, sandwiches, scones, afternoon tea and private parties, Mummy & Wee Wednesdays, I loved it all.  We were so busy, bridal shower here, baby shower there, what a whirlwind first year! But then a little Dormouse was budding and I knew things would have to change, and change is good! When we were temporarily closed it gave me a chance to really sort out what I wanted for my business, where I wanted to see Mad Hatter go.

Now that our doors have reopened, I find that customers are wondering if we're planning on setting up the cafe again. The answer is: as long as we're located at 116 Bronte Rd, we will continue to be a retail shop. That doesn't mean you can't come in, sit down and have a cup of tea or a tea latte, it simply means we are no longer serving lunch.

I have so many new and exciting things to share with all of you. The idea behind stepping into Wonderland was to showcase the tea sommelier world, to share with you fabulous teas; blended and pure, paired with cheese and chocolates, biscuits and rich condiments. To elevate your tea experience. To discover together the endless possibilities of this ancient beverage and all the different ways it can be used.


Fall down our rabbit hole and you'll find unique cups and teapots, infusers, brewing systems and tumblers. Handmade tea cozies, crafted by always fabulous June Campbell. Taste our delicious oils and vinegar provided by Olivio Fresco in Kerr Village, or our tea infused jellies by Indie's. Sprinkle our lapsang souchong, King spice blends, on your meats, veggies, sauces and soups. Come in for a cup of our hand-blended teas made only with Alkaline Lithia water for optimal flavour or try a cup with Sapsucker's pure maple water for a touch of maple sweetness (it really is the greatest thing ever!!)

In the coming weeks we will begin hosting our Tuesday night Tea Tastings where you can try all of these wonderful products in a social gathering, paired with some of our finest teas set out on personal cheeseboards for you and your guests. It's our new form of our private tea party. Or if you'd prefer something more intimate you can have your own personal tea sommelier box presented at your home. If I could borrow from Odin's favourite Adele song (yes, my 11 week old baby loves Adele, fiercely) "The winds of change are blowing wild and free," and we have so much in store for you, all coming very soon, so stay connected with us to find out more! I'm so excited about the direction that we're going and I really hope you'll all join me on this journey through Wonderland.