We at Mad Hatter Tea Co. LOVE moms - and not just because our head Hatter is one, but because they're totally awesome. They are everyday superheroes, comfort blankies incarnate, personal cheer leading squads, our North star in the night, and our sunshine in the day. 

We're so excited about all of the lovely gifts we have in our shop for all those awesome moms out there! Here are 3 lovely ideas for the Queen of your heart:

Mad Hatter Mother's Day Gift Box

Our Mad Hatter Mother's Day gift box has everything you need for a lovely tea time with your mother dearest! Each gift box comes with:

  • Our signature Queen of Hearts tea

    • A favourite among our customers, this is a rooibos tea accompanied by pink peppercorns, Tuscan roses, Grenadian cinnamon, vanilla bean, and confection hearts!

  • Made-with-love Vanilla Rooibos Scone

    • Yes, you read that right, and they’re SO good! These amazing tea-infused scones pair well with our Queen Of Hearts blend.

  • Indie’s Tea-Infused Jelly

    • Your choice between (yes, it’s a tough one) delicious Pomegranate Rosehip, Jasmine Green, and Spicy Cacao jellies!

  • Sweet Suit Sugar Cubes

    • Say that ten times fast! These adorable little sugar cubes are shaped like card suits.

These lovely gift boxes are only $40 each and we will be accepting orders for them until Thursday May 5th. So place yours soon!

Our Trio of Spring Blends

Our spring tea blends are refreshing, sweet, and all-natural! Our Celestial Plum, Cherry Blossom, and Tessa Gray are each so different but all so lovely. Read a little bit more about them in our recent blog post, Came the Spring, with all its splendor! 

Celestial Plum, Cherry Blossom, & Tessa Gray: our Spring Tea Trio!

Celestial Plum, Cherry Blossom, & Tessa Gray: our Spring Tea Trio!

A Special Custom Blend Just for Her!

Every mom is different and each one deserves a tea specially made just for her! Connect with us via email, phone call, message on our Facebook or Twitter page, or carrier pigeon, and let’s talk about making a special blend for your momma today!  


These wonderful gifts won't last forever and they can take time to fill so get your orders in quick! Sunday May 8th (Mother's Day) is fast approaching - just a few weeks away! Don't be late for a very important date with your lovely momma and enjoy yourselves a cuppa tea with the Hatter!