Have you ever been in your favourite chair, all snug with your coziest blanket, that book you’ve been dying to get back to since you put it down last night, and a warm cup of flavourful Mad Hatter tea, and thought to yourself ‘I wonder if Mad Hatter tea blends have always been this good…”

Well, folks, you’re in luck! Not only have our tea blends pretty much always been delicious, but they’re also still available for your enjoyment!

These, ladies and gents, are our TOP 5 FAVOURITE OLD SCHOOL BLENDS


This lovely strong black #tea features orange blossom petals to highlight the citrus burst of the bergamot, rich dark chocolate chips, and pure cocoa. This blend was made for those times when you need something a little more in your cup! 

Coco Grey Tea




We love pretty much anything with cherries in it so it may come as no surprise that this blend is one of our very favourites! Our ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb blend is a lovely green rooibos loaded with dried & toasted coconut flakes, apples, hibiscus, almonds, and black & bing cherries. And yes, it’s definitely as good as it sounds! 

Cherry Bomb Tea



Jade oolong, orange, lime and grapefruit, marigold petals – this tea is as pretty and full-bodied as it sounds! The contrasting flavours of oolong and citrus bring a refreshing flavour to your palate that will have you going back for another cup…or 2 or 3!

Oolonging For Some Tea



Our White Rabbit blend is a lovely and light masterpiece composed of jasmine green tea, roasted almonds, roasted chestnuts, and vanilla bean. So light and bittersweet, you’ll never be late for a very important date with this cuppa tea!

White Rabbit Tea



This Lapsang Souchong (say it with us slowly: lapsa…you know what? Never mind….it’s an absolutely lovely smoked black tea), complimented with a zing of ginger, sweet cacao nibs, white chocolate chips, and silver pearls. This sweet and spicy, bold tea blend is loved so much that we turned it into our Mad King Spice! This spice rub is as delicious on grilled meats and veggies as it is in your cup!

These amazing blends may were dreamt up years ago but they’re anything but old. We absolutely love them and know that you will too! Come on in for a cup or tin today!