April showers may have turned into an April snowfall but spring is still on its way to being sprung……..we hope! If you just can’t wait for green grass, budding flowers, and sunny skies though (and maybe even if you can wait a little longer..) we are taking things into our own hands and bringing spring to you!

If you walk into our store right now, you might notice the scent of fruit or flowers (or both!) in the air. That’s right folks: our spring teas are in full bloom! You’ve probably seen us posting about them on our social media feeds (we’d love for you to follow along on this journey through tea-filled wonderland. We’re on: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) but we thought you might want to get to know them a little bit better – and who wouldn’t? They’re absolutely fantastic!

These spring tea blends are fun, fresh, and (as always) all-natural with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. Their ingredients (like all of our blends here) are sourced by the hatter herself and are blended in store. Let’s take a look at the lovely seasonal blends we just know you’ll love:


So we love pretty much anything with cherries in it. Cherry pie? Sounds amazing. Cherry ice cream? We’re in! Cherry Brussel sprouts? Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad!

Well, we've done everyone a flavour ....err favour... and made an absolutely delicious cherry blossom tea! Many times, that lovely cherry flavour that you get in other teas is artificial flavouring but in this bad boy, it's all natural with dried cherries right in your tea! This lovely tea is loaded with Sencha green tea, dried bing & black cherries, rose petals, and jasmine buds!




If you love the floral aroma and flavour of Earl Grey tea, and the sweet scent and taste of spring and summer fruits, then you’re in for a treat! Our Tessa Gray tea blend combines floral notes of Earl Grey tea with delicious dried peaches. This black tea is complimented with peaches, apple, peach blossom flowers, lavender, cornflowers, jasmine buds, bergamot, and vanilla bean. It’s sure to be a favourite this spring! In fact, we’re enjoying a cup right now. 




This tea just look so light and fluttery – wouldn’t you agree? You can’t always judge a book by its cover but, in this case, you definitely can. Our Celestial Plum tea blend has a very light and subtle flavour (depending on how long you steep it, of course) but don’t get us wrong – this blend is loaded with absolutely lovely notes: it's a white tea with dried plums, violet flowers, amaranth flowers, lemon leaves, bergamot, and vanilla bean. Let your worries (and the thought of shoveling any more snow) float away while you enjoy (or remember the feeling of) sunshine beaming on your face. 


The blends in this seasonal trio are amazing served both hot and iced. We love pairing our teas with foods and with events based on themes too so if you’re curious at all, comment or message us and we’d love to suggest some! We’re so excited for our customers to enjoy these blends but they’re only on our shelves for a limited time so come quickly! 

We might have to wait just a bit longer for the real spring weather to break through the snow but in the meantime, we’ll be here sipping wonderland! 

“Came the spring with all its splendor, All its birds and all its blossoms, All its flowers, and leaves, and grasses.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news from us coming soon!