Let’s be honest, some mom’s deserve the world for what we put them through as kids and as teens. As we grow older, our mom’s go from what we think is ‘just mom’ – a snot-wiping, teddy bear sewing, safety-blanket incarnate – to ‘MOM’, a best friend and shoulder to cry on, a person who knows you like no one else, a compendium of knowledge that we turn to (who needs WebMD when you’ve got mom?), someone with wonder woman ‘how does she do it?’ strength, and someone with unlimited compassion and acceptance (even when we came home with a Cheshire smile and new tattoo). 

Some of us will readily admit that, when we were teenagers, we used to groan at the thought of spending a day with our mom, but now, that mother-daughter bonding time is something we yearn for! If you’re the same, we’ve got the perfect evening for the two of you! 

A Tuesday Night Special for Mom!

This coming Tuesday (May 10th) we’ve got a special Tuesday Night Tea Tasting planned in honour of awesome moms everywhere! Take a look at our absolutely delightful menu and don’t forget to wipe that little bit of drool forming at the corner of your mouth every few seconds…. ;)

First Taste

The first taste starts with a light Mint and Spring Berry Iced Tea complimented by Strawberry Rosewater Morsels. 

Mint & Spring Berry Iced Tea - Deconstructed

Mint & Spring Berry Iced Tea - Deconstructed

This tea is a fresh and bright mix of cool peppermint and savoury chocolate mint combined with sweet strawberries and tangy elderberries, and served with floral rosewater meringue pillows. These little delights are light on the tummy while being loaded with flavour!

Strawberry Rosewater Morsels

Strawberry Rosewater Morsels

Followed by...

Second Taste

Our second pairing is a little sweet complimented nicely with just a little sour! Our first tea will be a Kaffir Lime Leaf and Maple Tea accompanied by a Caramelized Pear and Thyme Cake.

Kaffir Lime Leaf and Maple Tea

Kaffir Lime Leaf and Maple Tea

Our lovely Kaffir Lime Leaf and Maple tea is a clean, crisp, earthy white tea with super refreshing lime leaf and lemongrass that highlights the sweetness of the delicious Caramelized Pear & Thyme Cake it is paired with, igniting the taste buds!

Caramelized Pear and Thyme Cake

As you sip wonderland, you'll learn the art of pairing food with tea from our head Hatter, a certified tea sommelier - yes, just like a wine sommelier...but with tea! She's got a lot of knowledge tucked under her top hat that she would just love to share with you! 

The Tuesday Night Tea Tastings are held in our Bronte Road store from 5-7pm and are only $20 per person! Book your seats today and take your mommabear out for an evening of ‘just the two of us!’ We promise, you won’t be disappointed! Here’s the link to book your seats: CLICK HERE! Just click on the BIG picture of tea at the bottom of the page and order your spots! See you soon! :)