What is it called when Batman leaves church early? A Christian Bale.

Why do chicken coups have only two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans!

What does a nosey pepper do? He gets all up in your biiiiiiizzznasss!

How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it!


One day, I asked my dad for his best dad joke and he said ‘You.’

Dad’s might make us roll our eyes more times in a day than the wheels on our cars, and they may make us sigh in that ‘ugh’ way more than some of our exes ever did, but they also make us laugh louder, and hug tighter, make us get back up when we’ve fallen down, and cheered for us when we’ve crossed that metaphorical finish line (we’re not runners, okay? We and our dads have come to terms with that…). For all this and so much more, we want to treat all the awesome dad’s out there on the day that is dedicated just to them (and their jokes), so we’ve put together something super special to treat them! 

Our Dad's Mad Gift Box

Our King of Spades tea blend & King of Spades Mad Spice rub

Our King of Spades tea blend & King of Spades Mad Spice rub

This wonderful little….or big and manly, it is what you want it to be!.... gift box will have your Pops jumping for joy like a little girl. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 100 grams of our signature King of Spades tea blend
  • Our amazing King of Spades tea-infused Mad Spice rub (BBQ season is upon us!!!!)
  • A sharp set of Spades cuff links
  • AND a gift card to Village Cigar Company (on Lakeshore Rd East) for a cut, shave, and cigar on us (okay, on you!)!
Sharp Spades Cuff Links for your pops!

Sharp Spades Cuff Links for your pops!

This gift box is actually stacked with amazing things that your Poppabear will love and start at $60 without the gift card and can range depending on the gift card amount of your choice (gift cards starting at $15)! Email us to place your order today at info@madhattertea.co (that’s right, no ‘m’ at the end) to make sure that you get yours reserved for your pops!

Okay, okay, one more:

I burnt my Hawaiian pizza last night….I should’ve put it on aloha setting.

Thank you folks, we’re here all night!