July 22. It’s one of those days that’s like any other, but is very special to me. It’s my anniversary, with this guy.


It’s 2016, which means we’ve been together for 11 years now, and those years in total mean more to me than any number of years defined on paper. Together we have grown, matured and developed into the people and the parents that we are today.

Over these 11 years we’ve worked together, made music together, gone on some crazy adventures, from Philly to try Sonic, to Ohio to eat Mexican food, to Cabo where we went on a drunken safari, St. Maarten where we ended up on a nude beach but didn’t know it till years later, to Vegas where we participated in a 3 hour product trial, only to be given a $20 cheque that cost $20 to cash (instead of tickets to the wax museum because I DO NOT do mannequins, statues, mascots, or large figurines), to a failed trip to the Grand Canyon because we spent too much time picking out snacks and getting lost and got their wayyyyy after dark and couldn’t see a thing!

We’ve been through 4 pregnancies that has resulted in 2 perfect children, moved 3 times, graduated from post secondary programs and all around have loved life.

So in this 11th year I have many, many thank you’s to express to my dear sweet, loving, quirky husband. If it wasn’t for you Jonny, Mad Hatter wouldn’t exist. You pushed me to do this, you believed and continue to believe that I can. On days when I feel like I’m drowning or I’m lost and trying to figure out how to balance work life and personal life, you always give me a swift kick in the pants. A kick you know I need, rather than soft sweet words that don’t seem to get me anywhere. Look, real talk: it ain’t easy being a crazy tea lady! And it ain’t easy dealing with one either.

So all this to say, Jonathan, my #QueenofHearts I can’t wait to see what the next 11 years bring and the 11 after that and the 11 after that and after that. If my math is right, that brings us to 55 years, maybe then we can look back on all the memories and reassess, but until then I think we’ve got something really good going, so thank you, my love. To you I fill my teacup, sit back and sip this side of wonderland.


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