Christmas time is coming up fast (even if it doesn't quite feel like it just yet) and do we have the perfect treats for your loved one! 


And boy, oh boy, are they filled to the brim with goodies. So many to choose from and so easy to customize, your gifts will rock the socks of anyone who receives them!

Santa Hatter Boon Box

The boon that started it all! This was the first Mad Hatter Tea Co Christmas Boon Box (say that 10x fast!) that started it all and inspired our lovely line of boons you see here. Our Santa Hatter Boon is loaded with goodies: an ornament filled with one of our Winter tea blends (which can be hung as is – it IS super pretty! – or opened and enjoyed as a cuppa warm tea! OR BOTH!), a tin of one of our other Winter or a signature MHTeaC blends, a jar of delicious candy, tea-infused cookies from our friends at The Sweetest Thing, a rock sugar stick, a lovely little tea for one pot and teacup, and a card to tell your friends and family just how much you care (although, this boon gets the point across pretty clearly!). This boon can be fully customized to add or take away or swap as you wish and starts at just $50. 

The Everything Nice Boon

In The Everything Nice Boon, we have an amazing assortment of goodies ready for your loved ones! This boon comes with 5 teas (four Winter blends, and one signature MHTeaC blend, but these can be swapped out as you wish!), a friendly little snowman mug in which to enjoy them, and AMAZING tea-infused cookies from our friends at The Sweetest Thing, artisan locally made chocolate from SOMA Chocolatier, and a fun rock candy stick. What more could you want in a gift? A card in which to write warm Christmas tidings in? You got it! This boon comes, card and all, for $60, and can be customized to add or take away items to make this gift special for its recipient. 

Deck the Halls Boon

Have you ever given someone something so awesome that they didn’t even know what to do with it? Well this time it really WILL be awesome! Just kidding!! But really, our Deck the Halls Boon is pretty awesome – four of our Winter blends (which can be swapped out for other blends, or custom made blends) all in beautiful glass ornaments or 3 tea-filled ornaments and a tea scoop & strainer - the choice is yours! They can be kept and hung on the tree or opened and enjoyed with friends and family! This lovely and thoughtful MHTeaC Christmas Boon goes for $45 and can be customized and added to as you like!

Santa's Little Helper Boon

Everyone needs a little pick me up to get the job done - Santa has his elves and you have (or need?) caffeine. This little box packs a lotta punch with a mocha (tea, coffee, and chocolate) mix and delicious French macaroons - to share or enjoy all to yourself (because why not!?). This little boon starts at $25 but is worth so much more!

Mrs. Claus Boon 

So much to love about our Mrs. Claus Boon - delicious tea in a ceramic holder with wooden scoop, tea-infused cookies and flavoured sugar vial. Everything you could want for a cozy night in and a treat to yourself while your hubby is travelling the world delivering presents....or just at work. That too. This Christmas boon goes for just $35 and can be personalized to your hearts content! 

Stocking Stuffer Boon

 Do you start with your stocking or head straight for the good stuff under the tree first? If you’re like us, you start off strong with the goodies under the tree, but we’re then pleasantly surprised by our stocking stuffers. Because why SHOULDN’T the stockings get more of the glory? Our Stocking Stuffer Boon might leave a little less space for socks and coal, but will warm your friends’ and family’s hearts and keep them cozy on chilly days! These lovely little boons go for just $10!

Let's connect and build something special for your friends and family - more details on our Holiday Boon page (below)! Last day to order is December 16th!