So the other day, on November 3rd, this little gem turned 3 years old, from humble market vendor beginnings to brick and mortar, it's been a crazy couple of years and going from being a mother of none to a mother of four...(yes, four— Noa, my 9 year old chihuahua, Charyli, the lil' Hatter herself, who just turned 4, four days before, Hatter who turned 3 on Nov. 3 and of course, Odin, the little dormouse who is now 10 months fresh), there's a lot of babies to tend to and sometimes it really feels like I'm being pulled in too many impossible directions all at the same time and I know I'm not alone in that feeling. 

I remember starting out and hating, absolutely hating the term "mompreneur" why? I don't even know... I was all "I'm an entrepreneur who happens to be a wait...I'm a mom who happens to be an entrepreneur?" I think I used to think that by combining the two—like Brangelina— they would took away from each other, like somehow they weren't both as important, their significance diminished because they were now just one entity. But the moment I opened 116 Bronte Rd and had to lug my 1yr old daughter with me, put her to nap in the basement with a baby monitor on her, or these current days, where I have to get her and her brother fed and dressed, drop her off at school and then lug the little guy to the shop, keep him entertained with snacks, strap him to me to sleep, put a "be right back" sign on the door, hop in the car, pick up the girl from school and then cart them BOTH back to the shop until closing...yeah that's a MOMPRENEUR!!! and nothin' ain't takin' away nothin' from the other! It sure isn't easy, but we make it work, because we have to, because we're a family, The Hatter included.

When I really stop and reflect on each moment and each step that has brought me one year further into Wonderland I realize that I have so much to be thankful for, because if I didn't have those moments where I felt like things were completely impossible I wouldn't have met that caterpillar that blossomed into a butterfly over and over again. And as I sit here right now, in this shop, writing this, all I see around me are butterflies, and man there are a lot of butterflies and I'm nothing but thankful, grateful, proud, honoured and driven to keep on this journey and take you all with me.

So thank you to everyone who has supported The Hatter in every which way. Whether it's been to stop in for a cup of tea, or even just to say hi, for leaving a review online, for telling a friend about our little corner of Wonderland, for wishing us well... and mostly, for reading the ramblings of a crazy tea lady!