The bells are ringing and love is in the air! Just as soon as the trees bud, you will notice brides with white bell-shaped dresses and grooms with freshly pressed suits skipping from limos (and for some lucky ladies & gents having a Cinderella moment, carriages) to beautifully decorated wedding venues where loving family, dear friends, and other excited guests await!


Along with the wedding though, there are all the before and afters – you know, the dainty (and some not so dainty) engagement showers, bridal showers, bachelorettes parties, stag ‘n does, and day-after brunches and luncheons. And what do each of these events usually come with (hint: something that we all love getting!)? PARTY FAVOURS!

Our wedding, shower, and party favours are a little bit of wonderland that you and your guests can take home to keep the party going! 

Personalized Custom Blends for You & Your Sweetie!

Not only can we bring you and your guests amazing all-natural tea blends, we can bring them amazing all-natural tea blends that are made customized for you and your sweetheart! After an initial meeting with our head Mad Hatter, we build a blend (or two!) based on your flavour profiles and the types of flavours that you like. We then make custom tea blends that will remind you and your guests of your special day

Vials, and Tins, and Bottles, Oh My!


We can package your tea blend up however you like to keep with the theme of your special day! We have mini vials, tins (big and small), and decorative bottles – all of which seal to keep the freshness and delicious flavour of your custom blend in

A Little Sugar on Top

Want a little something extra for yourself and your guests? We’ve got some preeeeeeetty adorable extras to add a little sugar on top! We have flavoured sugar (rosewater, lavender, and vanilla bean sugar) and the most adorable shaped sugar cubes (hearts and other card suits), and tea-infused jellies! 

Send your guests home to enjoy a little bit of wonderland and the memories of your lovely day with a tea that reminds them of you and your significant other! Call (416.901.2255), email ( – that’s right, no ‘m’!), or stop by our shop (116 Bronte Road in Oakville) to talk about how we can bring a little wonderland to your event!