It’s getting close to that time of year – that time when we all get dressed up and go door to door to friends and neighbours and recite a little rhyme for candy – what? You don’t still do that? Don’t judge us!
We all like to have a little fun on Halloween – whether it’s the dressing up, the spooky stories/hide-under-the-blanket horror movies, the parties, the nostalgia, or the highs and lows of sugar rush after sugar rush – there’s just something in the air that transforms that night into something special for kids and adults, alike. To celebrate and help bring a little more fun to your mugs and travel mugs whether you’re enjoying the night in, or out on the town! 



Our signature Jabberwocky blend is NO tricks and ALL treat for kids! This herbal blend is loaded with fruit (and is caffeine-free) and tastes just like an orange creamsicle. It’s amazing enjoyed while hot or iced and adding a few candy corn dresses it up just right for Halloween!


Bog Water

This is definitely one of our favourites! Our signature Cherry Bomb blend transformed into a spooky cup of BOG WATER!!!! Just add Black Malva Flowers for colour and a few gummy worms for screams! 

Funhouse of Mirrors

Our signature blend, The Looking Glass, is all distorted and pretty in this seasonal version special for Halloween! This delicious rooibos blend is all flowers and pearls on the surface, and an antioxidant rich, natural antihistamine, high in vitamin C powerhouse underneath all that delicious taste! It's caffeine free and so good for adults and kids alike! 

Big Kids (...Adults) Only!

Midnight Carousel

This amazing blend is just PERFECT for the fall season (and your sweet tooth ;) ). A little sweet and a little tart, our Midnight Carousel tastes just like a caramel apple and will keep you warm as you walk with your little ghosts and goblins gathering treats!

Smoked Pumpkin Chai

This new addition is sure to be just as popular as our classic Smoked Chocolate Chai. We’ve brought pumpkin, chocolate, and chai (three of the best things in the world…obviously) to you to keep you cozy throughout the fall season – especially when out trick or treating! 


Enjoy these MHTeaC Concoctions while you walk the neighbourhood and stay tuned for our Winter blends to come!