So, while I absolutely LOVE the summer (the hot days, the cool drinks, the perfect nights, and all of the fun stuff to do in between), the autumn season is also one of my favourites…. Who doesn’t love “sweater weather” and scarves, stepping outside and not worrying about the dreaded humidity vs. hair battle, cool fresh air drifting in through your open window as you sleep, and sipping wonderland while you watch the leaves change. 

In all the hype of getting ready for the Fall season (our Lil’ Hatter started JK this year – forgive us, but that is huge!), we got a liiiiiiiiittle too excited and made more autumn blends than our WonderBlend Wall will allow! We need your help to decide which will stay and which will go. It’s….

The Mad Hatter Tea Co. Battle of the Blends!

Check out our Fall blends and vote! Only TWO of these FOUR blends will stay:

Mad Hatter Tea Co - Apples on the Wall


Fall Blend #1: Apples on the Wall

First, in THIS corner, our Apples on the Wall! This beeeeeaaautiful fall blend will give you youth everlasting…no, not really. Don’t believe that for a second. But it DOES have delicious ingredients, both sweet and healthy: a green tea base with Chai spices, apples, raisins, and everlasting flowers! You’ll never forget a tea like this <3





Mad Hatter Tea Co - Orange Marmalade



Fall Blend #2: Orange Marmalade

In corner number two, we have Orange Marmalade! With a white tea base, real oranges, toasted AND untoasted coconut, and…okay, okay, do you need to know anything more or does knowing that it tastes like a Terry’s chocolate orange mean you’ll come in for a cup? 



Mad Hatter Tea Co - Muchness





Fall Blend #3: Muchness

In THIS corner the Muchness! This Fall blend is good enough to eat as is …but why not enjoy it steeped in a cup instead? It’s probably better that way anyway. Our [name of blend] has a strong black tea base complimented and naturally sweetened by cherries, white chocolate, almonds, and fruity leaves! These are a few of our favourite thiiiiings…. Be honest – you totally sang that line too. 


Mad Hatter Tea Co - Rooibos Radler




Fall Blend #4: Rooibos Radler

Aaaaaand finally, in THIS corner: The MHTeaC Rooibos Radleeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr! Part of me wanted to hold on to summer for juuuuust a little bit longer so I created this absolutely lovely Tea Radler blend – don’t worry, it’s also amazing in autumn. This lovely radler has a Rooibos base kissed with hops (YUP!), grapefruit (of course), golden raisins, oranges, and soft floral notes. Enjoy on your patio or cozied up in a blanket! 


There you have it folks! Your 4 MHTeaC autumn blends. Each of these lovely tea blends SOUNDS amazing as you read about them here but please do stop by and try them out! Vote for your favourite on our Facebook page or leave your vote in the comments below! There’s also a voting box available in store! 

The chosen blends will be announced on October 7th! Say tuned!