Any parent (and one brave overnight babysitter - thanks mom!) knows that trying to calm an upset child can be quite the feat. It could be an upset tummy (whoever...whomever? ...doesn't matter...whoever said a little gas never hurt anyone has never had a little munchkin in hysterics and tried to move their little legs like they're riding an imaginary bicycle upside down. But I digress...), trying to help sooth through the sniffles, helping the little one get some rest, or other common mini-me ailments, we have all-natural teas to help you AND your cutie pie <3

Our Mummy & Wee medicinal blend line has so many all-natural tea remedies to help with any uncomfortable common ailments that you two might encounter:


Choo Got Wind

When our Lil Hatter was born, our head Hatter was all levels of new mom panic. Lil Hatter had terrible acid reflux, wasn't gaining weight and was slated to go on some heavy meds. By sheer determination and crazy new mom hormones our head Hatter figured out a concoction that worked. Friend and family asked for it for their littles and she started handing it out like hot cakes. Then someone wanted to buy it...and she was invited to be part of a market. SereniTea was born...or not...the name was taken!! So Mad Hatter Tea Co. we became, because according to our Hatters hubby she looked "mad" when she was frantically adding herbs and more into a large mixing bowl. 

Choo Got Wind ingredients latch onto proteins and helps the body digest them, while also relieving gas and calming stomach lining. There's also a little bit of vanilla bean in there that helps it taste yummy so little ones will drink it, and a bit of licorice root in there to calm sore throats.




Honeybush & holy basil - the holiest of holy's when it comes the natural aids - blueberries for antioxidants and chamomile for resting up! Our A-Choo all-natural medicinal blend will help ease the process of getting over nasty sniffles.


Choo Need to Sleep

We've all had those nights where you juuuuuust want your little angel to sleep but no matter what you do, it's not happening. It's never going to happen (or so it seems) and neither is work the next day because just no. What more can you do? Our Choo Needs to Sleep has something very natural and oh so helpful, and it may sound weird but ...CATNIP! It helps turn the racing mind off, tells the body to slow down and helps to promote deep restful sleep, honeybush...zzzzzzzz


Now, as much as it is about the baby all the time, it can't be about the baby ALL THE TIME. Mummy needs her rest and a little help along the way too. So while in our Mummy & Wee line, we have some very lovely and very helpful teas for the Wee ones, we also have some teas crafted with care for the Mummy's out there too. Take a look:


Labour of Love

You might not believe it but it works! Our Labour of Love tea is a blend crafted for one of the most intense times in a womans life: right before she has the little bundle of joy she's been caring for for 9 months. This medicinal tea blend helps with labour pains but also to promote labour during the final two weeks of pregnancy. So if you're past your due date, and you just want the most happy, sparkling, joyful, uncomfortable time in your life to just get on with it, let's chat and sip on some tea! 


Mummy And Wee 2

Over the Moon

This is the adult version of Choo Need to Sleep (see above). Because we all know that when the beautiful little baby that has been wailing their head off for the past hour finally quiets and is your sweet little angel again, you need to sleep too because you only have so many hours until...wait. Did you just hear? No, okay. That was just the trees rustling.... This blend has a healthy dowse of catnip and pineapple to help you slip into sweet, sweet, sleeeeeeep.


Morning, Noon & Night

Because as much fun as morning sickness is, it's also not that much fun... For that all day sickness that we call "morning sickness" chamomile and ginger will become your new best friend. Our Morning, Noon & Night is a medicinal blend that will help to comfort and calm your rumbly tummy and nauseous moments so you really can enjoy every minute of your pregnancy.



You are not a milk factory... But if you're planning on nursing sometimes you need a little extra help. Milk thistle and red raspberry leaves lend a helping hand and keep your wee one happy and fed :)


Cold Kicker

Because we all know that once the Wee gets a cold, you get the cold... So while your Wee one sips on A-Choo you can sip Cold Kicker. Holy basil is the captain of this team again and helps to flush those nasty bugs from your system so you're back to new in no time.