We're moving friends!!! 

We're on our way to building a bigger, better Wonderland for our lovely customers. But let's have some fun with this! We're holding a Mad Hatter Tea Co.'s Mystery Move Contest!! So play along!

The Details

  1. We'll be posting 3 clues at random times to our Instagram (if you're not following us yet, join along our tea-loving journey - you can find us by searching for username @mhteac).
  2. Correctly guess the location being described in each of the three clues. 
  3. Three lucky contestants that guess the answers to all three clues correctly will win a super fantastic totally awesome prize.
  4. Winners will be notified (once three contestants correctly guess the answers to all three clues) by direct message or tagged in the post of the final clue to contact us to claim their prize!
  5. Have fun with it :) 

Let the games begin!