Enjoy our little rendition of the classic Christmas poem 'The Night Before Christmas' (fun fact: the REAL name of this poem is 'A Visit from St. Nicholas'!). It's cute, fun, and a little mad...if we do say so ourselves! Enjoy!

T’was three days before Christmas* and in our teahouse
The Hatter was blending with her li’l dormouse. 
On the counter the Christmas Boon Boxes sat in a row,
Wrapped in colourful paper, sparkly ribbons, and big bows.

Patrons bustled in from the cold blowing snow one after another,
Picking up gifts – teas & Boon Boxes – for fathers, mothers, sisters & brothers. 
Each time the Hatter would hear the bells on the door ring, 
She’d pour them a warm cup of tea, it would make their hearts sing! 

After they’d downed their first cup and enjoyed a lovely chat,
They picked up their Boon, zipped up their coat, donned their hat,
And with a much needed #PurpleCup refill, 
They’d step up to the door and brace for the chill. 

As they held their coats tightly and trudged back to their cars, 
They were smiling while thinking of family, near and far,
And the joy (oh the joy!) they’ll feel when they open their boons!
“Only a week away,’ they’d think, it’s coming up soon!”

Back at the teahouse, the Hatter kept doing what she does best:
She kept blending and mixing, putting her sommelier expertise to the test. 
She made delicious Winter blends: Holly & Ivy, and Spiced Pear,
Healthy, all-natural, and organic, nothing in them to fear!

As the tea tins were put back on the WonderBlend Wall,
And as the sun went down and calmer the snowflakes began to fall,
As the row of custom-made Boon Boxes dwindled down one-by-one,
The Hatter knew the days’ fun was almost done. 

She cleaned up the counters and swept up the floor, 
She turned off the lights, and she locked the door. 
After a nice warm dinner with her hubby and wee’s,
The Hatter tucked them into bed & laid her own head down to sleep. 

“Another day closer to that magical time of year, 
Celebrating family and friends, and those I hold dear,”
She whispered as she drew the covers in tight.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! 

*We're not open Christmas Eve :)

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