So you wake up one morning, it’s still dark outside, you check the time and you can’t believe that you’re waking up at such a ridiculous hour. Two nights before you were sleeping heavily in your bed, maybe even drooling a bit on your pillow. But last night you barely slept a wink, you slept so lightly the wind brushing gently across the trees made your eyes ping open. And then there was the sound— a tiny sob, a hiccup of sound, an innocent wail slicing through the thickness of silence. Two days ago you were waiting for this moment. Today you are a Mom. 

And they tell you to cherish every moment because it goes by so fast. And you say you will and you do! But it still does. It’s like you’ve blinked one prolonged blink and you’re going first day of school shopping. And maybe those are the moments for some that really take you aback, that have you saying “God, my baby is growing up” or maybe it’s a set of first steps, first words, first car. This year ‘first day of school’ shopping is a reality for us and I’m definitely in the swing of things, but that moment for me was when Charlize asked me for a cup of her tea (Choo Got Wind) because she had a tummy ache, but asked me to “make it as a latte, with extra foam, in a pink cup. Please!!” I shed an internal tear, “God, my baby is growing up!”


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