The year 2016 was a bit all over the place. It some ways it went by very quickly, and in others it seemed to just drag on. One of the biggest things that happened was welcoming our Li'l Dormouse to Wonderland. With his unexpected arrival, showing up 6 weeks before the party invitation date, we found ourselves in a sort of circus act. Some days... most days... all the days, it felt like I was standing on one foot, juggling teapots, loose tea and a teeny tiny baby. 


Now a year later we're still perfecting that juggling act, but have added a balancing routine to it. 

We have a lot of exciting changes to look forward to in 2017 which we have lovingly and ambitiously donned The Year of the Hatter! 

This year my aim is to take MHTeaC to new heights, to continue to provide amazingly delicious tea in as many ways as I can, to keep reinventing the wheel, to celebrate lots of very important dates, to sip Wonderland, to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and find another door to Wonderland, but most importantly, to stop speaking in riddles, like the mad hatter that I am, and actually tell you what all this means 😜

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet Li'l Dormouse who might possibly enjoy tea and crumpets even more than I do!! You have made our corner Wonderland so much fun and full of splendor. I raise my teacup to you and the 365 days of Odin that we've been so lucky have. Here's to 36,500 more.