We like to believe that the Queen of Hearts had a sweet side. She was just a highly misunderstood #bosslady. don't worry, We've got you Queeny!

Valentines Boon.jpg

Queen of Hearts boon box

Sip on a 50g tin of a Mad Hatter fave, Queen of Hearts tea (that's a cup for every day in February!!) garnished with a sprinkle of Queen of Hearts sugar (organic cane sugar, cinnamon, vanilla bean, crushed red rosesβ€” okay, maybe she wasn't that nice), some delicious cookies by our dear friends over at The Sweetest Thing and some fabulous handcrafted dark chocolate. 


Celebrate the queen OR king of your heart every day of the month, not just on the 14th!

Mini Valentines Boon.jpg

Queen of Hearts mini boon

Looking for just a little sweet treat? We've got you covered!

Enjoy a 50g tin of Queen of Hearts tea and a sweet treat by The Sweetest Thing.



There's no better way to spend the day then Sipping Wonderland and nibbling on something sweet, it's like medicine!